Production Process

Step 1: Selection of the Maguey

The magueys that are chosen for selection are the ones with an average of at least 7 years. This specific time frame allows for the magueys to become the highest in richness of sugar for a better taste and smell.

Step 2: The Cutting Process

After selecting the best magueys, the jimadores take the greatest care of extracting the piñas.

Step 3: Cooking of the Maguey

The maguey is then cooked in an artisan stone-lined underground pit. Once the firewood heats up the stones, the maguey is put into this pit to be cooked. This process takes about four days.

Step 4: Grinding of the Maguey

After the maguey has been cooked, it is transferred to a stone mill where it is pulled by a mule to be crushed.

Step 5: Fermentation

The crushed maguey is then put into oak vats or tinas de maderas and water is added. This process can take anywhere between 15–20 days depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment.

Step 6: Distillation

The fermented maguey or tepache is then emptied into multiple copper stills that each hold a maximum of 300 liters. The stills are heated over direct fire and covered, resulting in ordinary mezcal.

Step 7: Double Distillation

This mezcal is then recooked and perfected, producing a finer, smoother mezcal with characteristics of its region.

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